Previously, we shared how to support an author for free. You can review those articles here and here. This time we’ll offer some suggestions on how you can help support your favorite authors if you have a few extra dollars to spend. These are pretty simple and straight-forward, so this post will be pretty short.

The first suggestion seems like a no-brainer. If you want to support an author, then buy their books! E-books, paperbacks, hardbacks, whatever’s available and whatever you prefer. It all helps support the author and help them feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Do you have any bookworms in your life? Give books as gifts! A true reader is always on the prowl for their next great read…even if they already have a TBR stack that’s taller than they are! Don’t be discouraged from giving a book as a gift just because somebody already owns a ton of books. Trust me, a reader can never have too many books. If the recipient enjoys the story and finds a new favorite author, you might be amazed at how quickly a book can become a lasting, favorite present. The best part of this, is that gift-giving is a year-round need: birthdays, holidays, vacations, illness, graduation, baby showers (for kids books, obviously), wedding showers/receptions – you name it, and reading is almost certainly an acceptable gift/activity.

Lastly, One of our favorite things to do is to keep a look out for Little Free Libraries wherever we go. The construction is always unique, and they’re fun to spot when you just happen by one. If you’re the type of reader that doesn’t keep physical copies of books because of the amount of space they take up, then use these great little resources as a method for distribution. The beauty here is you never know who might stumble across your location, and the readership net widens exponentially. If you’re really feeling generous and have some free time, sprinkle copies of your favorite reads around your neighborhood, town, or city. (This is one of our favorite marketing tips for authors as well. Just don’t forget to sign it before you drop it off!)

There we have it. Just a few ways to support an author with minimal effort and funds. What other suggestions do you have?

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Charles Kelley grew up in the foothills of southern Indiana. He fled the farm lands upon graduation from high school to attend Ball State University. After receiving a B.S. in Criminal Justice/Criminology, he started his career working with various criminal justice agencies. His writing career started modestly with a personal blog, which developed his love of creative writing, leading to his web page of short stories. From there, he has been involved in several writing projects with other authors such as Adam K. Moore, Christian Scully, Andrew Miller, and Jonathan Degler. Charles has been developing several of his own ideas, starting with his Kings of Chaos Motorcycle Club series. He currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana and is trying his best to raise a family, further his career, and develop his writing skills. Follow him online for news and updates:

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