2020 CCP Year in Review

2020 has not been great for a lot of people in a lot of ways. That seems to be a popular statement today. Beyond everything that went wrong in the last twelve months, there were plenty of things that were great. Looking back at the accomplishments that CCP achieved, makes 2020 look just a little better.

First, we published our first anthology earlier this year. The Fun Size Anthology was designed to combine indie authors into one easy-to-find location and introduce new readers to each of the contributor’s writing styles and creative universes. The anthology consists of short stories that tie into various series of novels for an easy introduction to the bigger worlds.

Secondly, we had the pleasure of working with multiple great authors on several of their projects. We were able to provide editing and critiquing services for some truly great stories. Some of which are still pending publication, but some are available now, such as Princess Olive by Jonathan Degler and Dragon’s Ascent: Blood Dragon by Katheryn Schwarz. Overall, we assisted with five manuscripts and have a couple more in progress.

In late July, we got this website up and running to expand our online presence and to help with future calls for submissions. We were excited to put out some really great original content for new authors and readers alike, and look forward to keeping those articles coming in 2021 and beyond.

Lastly, we are currently in the process of publishing our second anthology, An Absurd Apocalypse. This collection will include tales from the end of the world focusing on the quirky, humorous, and unexpected aspects from various types of apocalypses. We received some great submissions and are looking forward to getting that released in early 2021.

So yes, while 2020 was more difficult than any of us could have ever imagined, there was a lot of good that happened too. Here’s our attempt at focusing on some of the positivity.

Published by ckelley

Charles Kelley grew up in the foothills of southern Indiana. He fled the farm lands upon graduation from high school to attend Ball State University. After receiving a B.S. in Criminal Justice/Criminology, he started his career working with various criminal justice agencies. His writing career started modestly with a personal blog, which developed his love of creative writing, leading to his web page of short stories. From there, he has been involved in several writing projects with other authors such as Adam K. Moore, Christian Scully, Andrew Miller, and Jonathan Degler. Charles has been developing several of his own ideas, starting with his Kings of Chaos Motorcycle Club series. He currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana and is trying his best to raise a family, further his career, and develop his writing skills. Follow him online for news and updates: www.ckfiction.com www.facebook.com/ckwriting www.instagram.com/ckfiction

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